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We are excited to offer the next generation of EDI messaging and collaboration cloud ‘service’ based on Microsoft Azure Platform. The key focus of the application is to ‘democratize’ EDI development and enable the Business Pro to set up the ‘connection’ end to end including Mapping. supports Excel (XSLX) based maps – the Business Pro uses the templates provided in Accelerator Packs (Supply Chain and HIPAA 5010) to create the maps. A very intuitive user interface is available to fill-in details relating to the connection – currently HTTP(s), SMTP and FTP connections are supported. Yes, you can receive the EDI message as a well formatted HTML email and more importantly can ’email’ your file to @EdiActivity which will convert it to EDI and deliver it to your partner. also provides an integrated solution for end to end tracing of the EDI document – from the point of entry to being delivered to the partner or back end system. does real time monitoring of the application and is consistently available at over 99.5%. Built in redundancy ensures EDI packages are never ‘lost’.

EdiActivity is a true SaaS app – meaning you ‘pay-as-you use’. The subscriptions charges directly correspond to the volume of business you transact with additional price breaks for volume. EdiActivity has undergone rigorous tests and has been in customer driven Beta Testing for over an year and are excited to declare its general availability. 

The theme of the app remains unchanged – empowers Business Pro to manage and operate complex Azure Deployments using ‘on/off’ buttons and without having to write code or engage a developer.

Microsoft Azure is a metered service – essentially you pay for the ‘services’ as long as they are switched on. And AzureSavings App is especially suited to manage applications that are only required to be ‘on’ during typical business hours and business days. So by switching ‘off’ the deployment when not used you can save 1000s of dollars. AzureSavings is the App you need to manage your Azure deployment and cut down the cost of your Azure deployment to a third!

Of course you can go to the portal and shut down each Service manually. However this is not as trivial as it sounds. A typical enterprise deployment is a collection of many Azure Services: front end; business logic; databases; messaging engine; backup-storage; and many other such services. Furthermore complexity is that there are many such deployments to manage: Dev; QA; Staging; and Production. Starting and stopping these deployments individually is not an easy task, one mistake could potentially bring down a customer solution. Bottomline is that many companies choose to leave all the services up and running to avoid this complexity of dealing with shutting down the Services manually.

AzureSavings provides an easy solution – literally use an on/off switch to shut down a selected entire Azure deployment and turn it back on again with one mouse click. Behind the scenes AzureSavings integrates with your Azure Subscription and everything is managed seamlessly including login. AzureSavings tracks the history of changes. Using the historical information along with integrating with local calendars, AzureSavings learns, ‘Nest’ like smart/leaning, and uses the collated information to auto schedule your deployment. AzureSavings will send out notification emails after the deployment is switched on; warning emails before the deployment is switched off; and weekly schedule digest.

Future releases will also include ability to switch on or off the deployment via email or text. Creating a brand new ‘copy deployment’ through the portal is another feature we are working on.

Exciting innovations!